Xbox One Game Kinect Sports Rivals Release Date: Spring 2014

Kinect Sports Rivals is probably one of the most expected games to arrive on the Xbox One gaming console. The excitement is partly due to the fact that Microsoft and Rare, Kinect Sports Rivals’ developer said that the game would be a launch title for Xbox One, and will get released this holiday.

Now, Microsoft has confirmed to Polygon, the reputed gaming website, that Rare’s first game for Xbox One, Kinect Sports Rivals, will not be part of the first games released for the Xbox One. Instead of a released in the holiday season of 2013, it is now expected that the game will get released during the spring of next year.

xbox one kinect sports rivals release date

Launch date for Kinect Sports Rivals: spring 2014

It’ll be interesting to observe what price the game will have, since first Xbox One games are said to retail for around sixty dollars in the United States and fifty pounds in the United Kingdom. Being given that the game will come more than six months after the initial cycle, it’s most likely that it will also feature a cheaper price.

Apparently, the reason why Kinect Sports Rivals has been delayed is that Microsoft thought the developer needed to polish a few more things so that the quality of the game would not be compromised, being given the fact that it was meant to be a launch title.

Firstly announced at the E3 conference this year, the Kinect Sports Rivals game will be playable at the upcoming PAX Prime and Gamescom events in the nearing month of August. As of now, it’s said that inside the game there will be six sports activities

  • climbing
  • wake racing
  • soccer
  • target shooting
  • bowling
  • tennis

Coupled with your Kinect sensor,(which will surely be released along with the Xbox One) this game definitely promises to quickly become a fun activity for those who like working out and even for those that think it can be done within the house.

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